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Medical & Nursing

Information is key when providing world class medical care to your patients. Everything you need to organize and track medication orders, lab results, patient compliance to protocols and more all in one central location. In addiction treatment, improving medication management is more than just making fewer errors. Optimizing treatment for better outcomes means a person-centric regime spanning across the continuum of care.



Documentation of medication and lab orders is fast, flexible and compliant. Protocols for PRN and tapers are conveniently accessible with one click ordering. Orders can be completely customized per patient from one screen. Orders are sent via fax to users chosen pharmacy.

The Physician review dashboard creates a manageable and foolproof system to review and sign all user specific orders.



Bluebook Medication Administration/Observation improves the med pass experience. With a listview of all patients with current medications, staff can better prepare for a successful med pass.


Lab Results

A lab integration with Bluebook provides the ability to send and receive lab data promptly and efficiently. Bluebook displays all of the lab results by abnormal, normal or all. The providers will have the ability to quickly see the high acuity patients first.

Care Coordination

Facesheet reports

Care & Delivery Forms

Print view

Reports & Templates

Care Coordination Bluebook offers an internal “to-do-list” to assist and improve patient care. Care Coordination templates are based on the facility’s policy on patient care for specific tasks or documentation. For example if a patient is diagnosed with an eating disorder a reminder to have the patient seen for a nutritional consult will appear in the “to-do-list.” The Care Coordination creates a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Keeping an up-to-date list of individualized tasks guarantees compliance and unmatched clinical care.

Facesheet reports Bluebook reports gives users the ability to create templates for their facilities printing needs. Medical record requests come from various entities such as insurance carriers, healthcare providers, employers and more. The templates ensure that the various requestors of medical records receive exactly the information they need. In addition, it allows you to print multiple patients at once with their specific dates of service.

Care & Delivery Forms Bluebook comes with a vast library of forms that are built in accordance with State regulations and Joint Commission. Form templates are completely customizable by the customers whenever necessary. The form builder uses innovative tools such as drag/drop and cloning for a user friendly experience. These forms can also be set up with rules for signatures, levels of care, time-frame requirements and so much more.

Print view Once your facesheet report is generated you will be alerted through Bluebook notifications. The file can than be printed or saved and sent to the requestor. The data is displayed in a clean organized format.

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